Winter Accessibility Solutions

Ensure Your Home Stays Accessible In The Winter

The Winter months can pose many difficulties due to the adverse weather we face. It can be an especially tough season to navigate for individuals who need accessibility solutions. Ice and snow can significantly hinder access and entry to your home and parking spots.

Conventional methods of entry like stairs and sidewalks can be dangerous when covered in ice and snow. If you use a walking aid or feel unsteady on your feet, even the smallest patches of ice can become worrying. It also becomes much more challenging for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to navigate the sidewalks and streets due to inclement. On top of this, there is the ice on driveways and snow blocked accessible parking places to deal with.

At Ascent Mobility, we want to help you ensure that your home stays accessible over the Winter months.

Wheelchair Ramps

Designated wheelchair ramps offer a clear path to home entry and are sturdy to support your weight. Having this path available allows you to focus on salting and de-icing this method of entry. You can concentrate on keeping this designated area safe and accessible.

A wheelchair ramp offers easy access to your home and provides a safe, non-slip, non-skid surface regardless of the weather. With a range of lengths, widths, and materials available, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right ramp to fit your individual needs.

Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lifts can make the transition into a vehicle easier in inclement weather, safely raising and lowering you onto pavement/from the pavement. They can lift and store your scooter or wheelchair onto your vehicle effortlessly.

We offer a range of vehicle lifts that can accommodate most vehicle types, including space saver models for small vehicles. Our expert team will thoroughly assess your vehicle, lifestyle, weight requirements, and individual requirements to find the right vehicle lift you.

Winter Accessibility Solutions Discussing your Winter Accessibility Needs

We can make travel directly inside and outside your home more feasible in the winter months. Our team can explain and install the perfect solution to reduce any worry about accessing your home. Contact us today to discuss your accessibility concerns and requirements by filling out our contact form here.

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