Pinnacle Stairlift Package

The Pinnacle is a luxury stairlift at an affordable price. With a large padded seat that can be upgraded to a new color, it offers a comfortable and safe ride. The Pinnacle can also be swapped from side to side on the staircase.

What Sets the Pinnacle apart from the others

  • Made in the USA
  • No greases or lubricants necessary
  • Lightest unit on the market
  • Operates in power outage
  • Seat with height adjustment
  • Luxurious wide seat
  • Quiet Drive System that requires minimal maintenance

Printable Brochure

  • Made in the USA
  • Patented helical worm gear drive
  • Non-handed
  • No grease or lubricants needed
  • 11″ wide when folded
  • Signature seat upgrade available
  • 600 pound capacity upgrade available
  • Patented automatic folding rail option
Owner’s Manual


Folding arms, seat, and footrest
The seat, arms and footrest fold up, making this lift 11 inches wide when folded.

Wireless Remote Controls
Two wireless remotes allow you to “call” or “send” the stairlift, making it easy for multiple users.

Safety Sensors
Sensors will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction on the stairway.

Swivel seat
Seat swivels at upper landing for easy and safe entry and exit.

Single Side Control
Directional toggle switch on right arm.

Sound Diagnostic
Alarm beeps on safety features and when not parked on charging station.

Weight Capacity
350 pounds with 600-pound optional upgrade.

Drive System
Patented helical worm gear drive system

Hinge Rail
Automatic or Manual options

3 year warranty on components, 10 year on gear track, 1 year on batteries


Weight capacity(160 kg) 350 lbs.
Electrical requirements 120 VAC
Operation power 24V DC battery
Travel distance 16 ft. is standard; lengths available up to 70 ft.
Speed 20 ft./minute
Incline limits 27 – 45 degrees
Drive system Helical worm gear
Track (rail) type Extruded aluminum
Average return trips per charge 6-10 (varies with load, length)
Need to open chassis to install or change sides No