Brooks Stair Lifts in Denver

As a premier supplier of Brooks stair lifts in Denver, Ascent Mobility offers the Brooks Stair Lift Package! It includes the swivel seat, folding arms, and footrest, as well as the wireless remote control and safety sensors. This product package is dedicated to any family member that finds it difficult to go upstairs every day.

Durable Choice

The Brooks stairlift is a hardy machine that was built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. It is designed for you in mind. Affordable, sleek and reliable, the Brooks stairlift is a great way to regain your independence.

Mr Frederick Brooks, a Daimler engineer, made his first stair lift in 1973. Almost 40 years later, by combining today’s advanced technology with a tradition of reliability and comfort, a Brooks stairlift will help you make the most of your home.

Safe and Comfortable

Safety and comfort come first at Brooks. The stair lift uses DC power packs that are automatically recharged when the stairlift is at rest. This means the lift is ultra quiet, incredibly smooth and will function even during a power outage.

Brooks stairlifts have slimline motors that provide a soft start / stop action and many years of faithful service. When you purchase a Brooks stair lift, you are buying freedom – not costly maintenance.

What Sets the Brooks apart from the others

  • Retractable seat belt
  • Operates in power outage
  • A quality stairlift, at a very low price
  • On-board diagnostics

Ascent Mobility has a team of professional installers that can make sure that this product is safe to use by seniors or people with disabilities. If you’re ready to have it installed, don’t hesitate to contact us now at 720-545-9222.

Learn more about our Brooks stair lift package in Denver today. Read the features, specifications, and dimensions below:

Printable Brochure

  • Controls on both arms
  • Digital diagnostic display
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • 12″ from wall when folded
  • Rack and Pinion drive system
  • Neutral seat color
Owner’s Manual


Folding arms, seat, and footrest
This feature allows for the Brooks to be ultra slim and ensures safe passage for other users of your staircase.

Wireless Remote Control
The stairlift can be “called” or “sent” using the remotes, making the lift easily usable by multiple users.

Safety Sensors
Located on both on the carriage and footrest these sensors will stop the lift if there are any obstructions (shoes, toys) on the staircase.

Swivel seat
Locks at 45˚ and 90˚ position, which helps the user get in and out of the stairlift easily and safely.

Dual Side Controls
Directional toggles on each armrest for easy use.

Digital Diagnostic Display
Easily diagnose any problem.

Weight Capacity
300 pounds with 350-pound optional upgrade.

Drive System
Rack and Pinion

Hinge Rail


  • 1 Year on Parts and Drive Train


Motor Power 0.25KW
Motor Output Speed No greater than 0.15 m/s
Method of Drive Rack and Pinion
Power Supply 24V DC (Battery)
Track Extruded Aluminum
Mains Supply 120V AC, 1.5 Amp Charger


Floor to top of footrest 3.75”
Top of footrest to top of seat 17.5”
Width between armrests (wide version) 17.5”(19.5)
Overall width 23.75”
Overall height 38.5”
Length of footrest 12.75”
Width of footrest 12.25”
Front of footrest to stringer 22.25”
Back of seat to stringer .5”
Folded width 12.25”
Minimum width required to swivel at top 26.25”
Distance from front of rail to stringer (wide version) 8.5”(9.5)