Hawle Custom Stairlift

A Hawle Curved Stairlift is an high-end stairlift that has the ability to match any home décor. The rail, seat color, and seat fabric can be chosen with your home décor in mind. It is a well built and sturdy stairlift that will navigate even the most complicated staircases.

What Sets the Hawle Custom apart from the others

  • Customizable color and fabric options
  • Automatic Swivel at the top (without additional park position)
  • Available for indoor and outdoor use

Printable Brochure

  • Controls on both arms
  • Digital diagnostics display
  • Fast delivery
  • Swivel seat controls
  • 350 pound weight capacity


Folding arms, seat, and footrest
Easily and independently folds up, out of the way for easy passage on the staircase

Wireless Remote Controls
Two remote controls allows you to “call” or “send” the lift.

Safety Sensors
Will stop the lift in an obstruction is on the stairway

Automatic swivel seat(optional, for lift without top park position)
Safely swivel to be level with the top landing, making entering and exiting safe and easy

Single Side Control
Directional toggle switch on right arm

Flashing light

Weight Capacity
350 pounds

Drive System
Gear Rack

Hinge Rail
No hinge in lieu of park position at the bottom.

2 years on parts
5 years on the drive train


Material of Rail Steel
Diameter of Tube (upper/lower) 2.2 inches/1.6 inches
Maximum Rail Length 131 feet
Minimum Space for Rail Start 13.4 feet
Rail Fixing On every 3rd and 5th stair
Wall Fixing Optional
Radius of Curve Depends on Incline) 180˚ (Outside) 0˚ 7.87 inches
15˚ 7.1 inches
30˚ 5.8 inches
50˚ 3.8 inches
Maximum Incline 75˚ Gradient
Driving Speed 19.68 feet/minute
Lifting Capacity 350 lbs
Engine Power 340 Watt
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz Socket Upstairs/downstairs
Battery 24V (2)