Bespoke Custom Stairlift



Ascent Mobility is excited to announce we now offer the Bespoke Custom Stairlift.


  • Cushioned stop/start ensures smooth gentle ride
  • Battery powered- Stairlift works even in a power cut
  • Automatic charging at the base & top of the staircase ensures lift is always ready
  • Automatic slowing on bends ensures a comfortable ride
  • Swivel seat for ease of transfer on to top landing
  • Slim tubular rail is fixed to stair treads and can be tailored to fit either side of the staircase.
  • Hinged rail option available where the rail may obstruct a door or walkway means it can fold up out of the way when not in use
  • Top or bottom parking wraps or landing run-ons available for “Off Staircase Parking”.
  • Fast Installation – the BS101 can be installed in hours

If you are interested in a custom stairlift please call Ascent Mobility at 720-545-9222


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