Ascent Mobility proudly offers WINGITS® grab bar systems. These bathroom safety rails come in many different finishes and styles and can be installed in many convenient places around the home to enhance safety, maneuverability and provide assistance to individuals of all ages and abilities.

WINGITS® grab bars are installed with fastening solutions in just minutes and meet local and state codes when properly installed. Call us for more information on these handicap grab bars!

Feature List

WINGITS® Fasteners

Eliminate the need for structural blocking

Guaranteed to NEVER Loosen

Waterproof and Fire-resistant

Rated up to 600 lbs. in drywall and tile

Handles vector forces 360 degrees

Used to install WINGITS® Grab Bars



1 year on all products EXCEPT WINGITS® Fasteners, which are under Warranty 10 years from the date of the installation.

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